Degradation of N-nitrosamines by intestinal bacteria.

  title={Degradation of N-nitrosamines by intestinal bacteria.},
  author={Ian R. Rowland and P R Abraham Grasso},
  journal={Applied microbiology},
  volume={29 1},
A major proportion of bacterial types, common in the gastrointestinal tract of many animals and man, were active in degrading diphenylnitrosamine and dimethylnitrosamine, the former being degraded more rapidly than the latter. At low nitrosamine concentrations (is less than 0.05 micronmol/ml), approximately 55% of added diphenylnitrosamine, 30% of N-nitrosopyrrolidine, and 4% of dimethylnitrosamine were degraded. The route of nitrosamine metabolism by bacteria appears to be different from that… CONTINUE READING


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