Degradation of Arginine via α-Keto-δ-Guanidinovalerate and α-Keto-δ-Aminovalerate in Arginine-Grown Arthrobacter simplex

  title={Degradation of Arginine via $\alpha$-Keto-$\delta$-Guanidinovalerate and $\alpha$-Keto-$\delta$-Aminovalerate in Arginine-Grown Arthrobacter simplex},
  author={Tatsurokuro Tochikura and K Sugiyama and Masayasu Bunno and T Matsubara and Takashi Tachiki},
  journal={Agricultural and biological chemistry},
Arthrobacter simplex was screened as an α-keto-δ-guanidinovalerate (ketoarginine) assimilating organism. A characteristic feature was its growth on ketoarginine as a carbon source; it began to grow after an extremely long lag. Its growth was stimulated by addition of 0.02% yeast extract to the medium.The results indicated the transamination of arginine-α-ketoglutarate (α-KGA) and the hydrolyzing reaction of ketoarginine into α-keto-δ-aminovalerate and urea. Two intermediates, ketoarginine and… 
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