Degradation mechanisms of GaN-based LEDs after accelerated DC current aging

  title={Degradation mechanisms of GaN-based LEDs after accelerated DC current aging},
  author={Gaudenzio Meneghesso and S. Levada and Roberto Pierobon and Fabiana Rampazzo and Enrico Zanoni and Anna Cavallini and Antonio Castaldini and Gaetano Scamarcio and Sichao Du and I. Eliashevich},
  journal={Digest. International Electron Devices Meeting,},
This work presents the results of an extensive DC current aging and failure analysis carried out on blue InGaN/GaN LEDs which identify failure mechanisms related to package degradation, changes in effective doping profile, and generation of deep levels. DLTS and photocurrent spectra indicate the creation of extended defects in devices aged at very high current density. 
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