Degradation efficiency of agricultural biogas plants--a full-scale study.

  title={Degradation efficiency of agricultural biogas plants--a full-scale study.},
  author={Stephan Ruile and Sabine Schmitz and Matthias M{\"o}nch-Tegeder and Hans Oechsner},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
The degradation efficiency of 21 full-scale agricultural CSTR biogas plants was investigated. The residual methane potential of the digestion stages was determined in batch digestion tests (20.0 and 37.0 °C). The results of this study showed that the residual methane yield is significantly correlated to the HRT (r=-0.73). An almost complete degradation of the input substrates was achieved due to a HRT of more than 100 days (0.097±0.017 Nm(3)/kg VS). The feedstock characteristics have the… CONTINUE READING
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