Degradable gene carriers based on oligomerized polyamines.

  title={Degradable gene carriers based on oligomerized polyamines.},
  author={Julia Kloeckner and Ernst Wagner and Manfred Ogris},
  journal={European journal of pharmaceutical sciences : official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences},
  volume={29 5},
The focus of this work was to develop potentially biodegradable, polycationic gene carriers possessing high efficiency for gene delivery and being essentially non-toxic. A library of 37 soluble polycations was synthesized by oligomerization of low molecular weight oligoamines with three different crosslinkers, dithiobis-succinimidyl proprionate, dimethyl dithiobis-propionamidate, and hexanediol diacrylate. The types of oligoamine and crosslinker influenced biophysical properties such as DNA… CONTINUE READING


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