Degeneration of cone photoreceptors induced by expression of the Mas1 protooncogene.

  title={Degeneration of cone photoreceptors induced by expression of the Mas1 protooncogene.},
  author={Xiao-hu Xu and Alexander B. Quiambao and Luisa Roveri and Machelle T. Pardue and Jeffrey L. Marx and P{\'a}l R{\"o}hlich and Neal S Peachey and Muayyad R. Al-Ubaidi},
  journal={Experimental neurology},
  volume={163 1},
Although transgenic expression of oncogenes typically leads to tumorigenesis, oncogene expression directed to the rod photoreceptors leads to cell death without tumor formation. To evaluate the cellular and functional changes induced in cone photoreceptors by an oncogene, the Mas1 protooncogene was targeted to the cones of transgenic mice by the human red/green opsin promoter. Mas1 was chosen because of its exclusive expression in the nervous system and its homology to opsin. The overall… CONTINUE READING


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