Deformed special relativity and deformed symmetries in a canonical framework

  title={Deformed special relativity and deformed symmetries in a canonical framework},
  author={Subir Kumar Ghosh and Probir Pal},
  journal={Physical Review D},
In this paper we have studied the nature of kinematical and dynamical laws in $\ensuremath{\kappa}$-Minkowski spacetime from a new perspective: the canonical phase space approach. We discuss a particular form of $\ensuremath{\kappa}$-Minkowski phase space algebra that yields the $\ensuremath{\kappa}$-extended finite Lorentz transformations derived in [D. Kimberly, J. Magueijo, and J. Medeiros, Phys. Rev. D 70, 084007 (2004).]. This is a particular form of a deformed special relativity model… 

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In this paper, we study the deformed statistics and oscillator algebras of quantum fields defined in $\ensuremath{\kappa}$-Minkowski spacetime. The twisted flip operator obtained from the twist

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AbstractOn the basis of all commutation relations of the $$\kappa $$κ-deformed phase space incorporating the $$\kappa $$κ-Minkowski space-time, we have derived in this paper an extended first

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Recently it has been advocated [A. G. Cohen and S. L. Glashow, Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 021601 (2006)] that for describing nature within the minimal symmetry requirement, certain subgroups of the Lorentz

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We extend significantly previous works on the Hilbert space representations of the generalized uncertainty principle (GUP) in 3 + 1 dimensions of the form $$[X_i,P_j] = i F_{ij}$$[Xi,Pj]=iFij where



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