Deformation of foot cross-section shapes during walking.

  title={Deformation of foot cross-section shapes during walking.},
  author={Makiko Kouchi and Makoto Kimura and Masaaki Mochimaru},
  journal={Gait & posture},
  volume={30 4},
To clarify the magnitude of shape change during walking, the shapes of four cross-sections (Forefoot, Instep, Navicular, and Heel) of the right foot during standing and walking were measured using a four-dimensional measurement system we developed (14 Hz) with an accuracy of +/-0.5 mm. Images of the sole were measured using a high-speed video camera (120 Hz). Cross-section shapes and derived dimensions were compared between the standing condition, first peak (P1), and midstance valley of two… CONTINUE READING

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