Deformation and relaxation of viscous thin films under bouncing drops

  title={Deformation and relaxation of viscous thin films under bouncing drops},
  author={Srinath Lakshman and Walter Tewes and Kirsten Harth and Jacco H. Snoeijer and Detlef Lohse},
  journal={Journal of Fluid Mechanics},
Abstract Thin, viscous liquid films subjected to impact events can deform. Here we investigate free-surface oil-film deformations that arise owing to the build up of air under the impacting and rebouncing of water drops. Using digital holographic microscopy, we measure the three-dimensional surface topography of the deformed film immediately after the drop rebound, with a resolution down to 20 nm. We first discuss how the film is initially deformed during impact, as a function of film thickness… 

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Abstract Gravitational settling of a droplet in air onto a soft substrate is a ubiquitous event relevant to many natural processes and engineering applications. We study this phenomenon by developing

Non-wetting drop dynamics

Srinath Lakshman1†, Vatsal Sanjay1‡, Pierre Chantelot1, Jacco H. Snoeijer1, and Detlef Lohse1,2¶ Physics of Fluids Group, Max Planck Center for Complex Fluid Dynamics, Department of Science and

Role of Surface Tension in Microrobot Penetration in Membranes

It is demonstrated how surface tension difference among merging interfaces plays role in microrobot droplet penetration into a liquid bath, mimicking cell membrane fusion.

Drop impact on viscous liquid films

Vatsal Sanjay1 †‡, Srinath Lakshman1 †¶, Pierre Chantelot1 †‖, Jacco H. Snoeijer1††, and Detlef Lohse1,2‡‡ Physics of Fluids Group, Max Planck Center for Complex Fluid Dynamics, Department of Science

Puncture of a Viscous Liquid Film Due to Droplet Falling

Droplet impact may rupture a liquid film on a non-wettable surface. The formation of a stable dry spot has only been studied in the inviscid case. Here, we examine the break-up of viscous films, and

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Zeyang Mou, Zheng Zheng, Zhen Jian, Carlo Antonini, Christophe Josserand, and Marie-Jean Thoraval ∗ State Key Laboratory for Strength and Vibration of Mechanical Structures, International Center for

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We study theoretically and numerically the bending-driven levelling of thin viscous films within the lubrication approximation. We derive Green’s function of the linearized thin-film equation and



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The transition between merging and bouncing outcomes for a drop impacting on a liquid film is critically controlled by the resistance from the microscopic interfacial gas layer trapped between the

Failure mechanisms of air entrainment in drop impact on lubricated surfaces.

The predictable failure modes of the air film upon drop impact sheds light on droplet deposition in applications such as lubricant-infused self-cleaning surfaces.

Dynamics of collapse of air films in drop impact.

Nanometer- and microsecond-resolved dual wavelength interferometry reveals a complex evolution of the interface between the drop and the gas layer underneath that eventually leads to the nucleation of solid-liquid contact at a The authors-dependent radial position, from a film thickness >200  nm.

Single drop impact onto liquid films: neck distortion, jetting, tiny bubble entrainment, and crown formation

Single drop impact onto liquid films is simulated numerically. Surface tension and gravity are taken into account, whereas viscosity and compressibility are neglected. This permits recourse to a

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The head-on collision of a droplet onto a liquid layer of the same material, backed bya solid surface, was experimentally and computationally investigated, with emphasis on the transition from

Skating on a film of air: drops impacting on a surface.

The results show that the dynamics of impacting drops are much more complex than previously thought, with a rich array of unexpected phenomena that require rethinking classic paradigms.

Relaxation and intermediate asymptotics of a rectangular trench in a viscous film.

This work reports on full agreement between theory and experiments for the capillary-driven flow and resulting time dependent height profiles, a crossover in the power-law dependence of the viscous energy dissipation as a function of time as the trench evolution transitions from two noninteracting to interacting steps.

Bouncing-to-Merging Transition in Drop Impact on Liquid Film: Role of Liquid Viscosity.

Results show that while the regime diagram maintains its general structure, the merging regime becomes smaller for more viscous liquids and the retraction merging regime disappears when the viscosity is very high, thus providing a powerful tool to predict and manipulate the outcome when a drop impacts on a liquid film.

Capillary-driven flow induced by a stepped perturbation atop a viscous film

Thin viscous liquid films driven by capillarity are well described in the lubrication theory through the thin film equation. In this article, we present an analytical solution of this equation for a