Deformation Rules for Surrounding Rock in Directional Weakening of End Roofs of Thin Bedrocks and Ultrathick Seams

  title={Deformation Rules for Surrounding Rock in Directional Weakening of End Roofs of Thin Bedrocks and Ultrathick Seams},
  author={Fei Liu and Fei Liu and Zhanguo Ma and Yongsheng Han and Zhi-Min Huang},
  journal={Advances in Civil Engineering},
With the deployment of China’s energy strategy in the western regions, complex geological mining conditions such as thin bedrock and ultrathick seams in western China have caused a series of problems such as serious deformation of the surrounding rock at the ends of the working face and the increase in the lead abutment pressure of the roadways; the research on end roof deformation in the resource exploitation in western China has become one of the great demands of the industry. Based on the… 
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