Deformability of oxygenated irreversibly sickled cells.

  title={Deformability of oxygenated irreversibly sickled cells.},
  author={Michael R. Clark and Narla Mohandas and Stephen B. Shohet},
  journal={The Journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={65 1},
The deformability characteristics of isolated subpopulations of irreversibly sickled cells (ISC) have been studied in an ektacytometer. Analysis of laser diffraction patterns of well-oxygenated cells subjected to shear stress in solutions of varying osmolality has demonstrated a profound influence of mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration and intracellular viscosity on the deformability of ISC. Virtually undeformable at 290 mosM, ISC became almost totally deformable at 130 mosM. In addition… CONTINUE READING

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