Deforestation, Erosion, and Forest Management in Ancient Greece and Rome

  title={Deforestation, Erosion, and Forest Management in Ancient Greece and Rome},
  author={J. Donald Hughes and Jack Vincent Thirgood},
  journal={Journal of Forest History},
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T here is a close interconnection between ruined cities and ruined land. The fact that the broken statues and scattered column drums of the centers of ancient civilization have deforested and eroded landscapes as their settings does not seem to be an accident. The general impression of synchronicity, the contemporaneous ruin of ancient societies and ancient environments, has been inescapable. Forests provided the major material for construction and almost the only fuel source of the classical… 

The prehistoric and preindustrial deforestation of Europe

The Role of Metallurgy in Transforming Global Forests.

Forest degradation—both past and present—has been a significant research focus of many disciplines in recent decades, and it is an area in which the multidisciplinarity and long-term perspectives of

Coastal erosion and shore protection: A brief historical analysis

  • E. Pranzini
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of Coastal Conservation
  • 2017
Since the Neolithic, humans have gathered along coastal plains, where they had to face sea level rise and subsidence without the technology to oppose these processes. When sea level stabilized,

Pandemics and coastal erosion in Tuscany (Italy)

Human-derived landscape changes on the northern Etruria coast (western Italy) between Roman times and the late Middle Ages

Anthracological analysis has been carried out in three sites located on the Tyrrhenian coast of central Italy (ancient northern Etruria: the castle of Donoratico, the town of Populonia and the port

A tale of two deserts: Contrasting desertification histories on Rome's desert frontiers

Understanding 'desertification', the ecological deterioration of arid lands into semi-deserts and deserts, is critical for the future well-being of the fifth of the world's population who inhabit

Deforestation, Erosion, and Ecology in the Ancient Mediterranean and Middle East: Contributions 1–2

AbstractEditorial PrefaceTheodore A. Wertime and Robert K. Evans organized a symposium entitled “Deforestation, Erosion, and Ecology in the Ancient Mediterranean and Middle East”, which was held

Dark ages and dark areas: global deforestation in the deep past

Deforestation is a major earth transforming process but knowledge of what occurred in the ‘deep’ past, before c. 1500, is obscure and characterized by ‘dark ages in time and dark areas in space’.