Defocused imaging of second harmonic generation from a single nanocrystal.

  title={Defocused imaging of second harmonic generation from a single nanocrystal.},
  author={Nicolas Sandeau and L. Le Xuan and Dominique Chauvat and Congxi Zhou and J-F Roch and Sophie Brasselet},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={15 24},
We demonstrate the direct imaging of the second harmonic generation radiation from a single nonlinear nanocrystal using defocused nonlinear microscopy. This technique allows the retrieval of complete information on the 3D orientation of a nanocrystal as well as possible deviations from its purely crystalline nature, in a simple experimental implementation. The obtained images are modeled by calculation of the radiation diagram from a nonlinear dipole that accounts for the excitation beam, the… CONTINUE READING

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