Deflazacort use in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: an 8-year follow-up.

  title={Deflazacort use in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: an 8-year follow-up.},
  author={Sylvie Houde and Mich{\`e}le Filiatrault and Anne Fournier and Julie Dub{\'e} and Sylvie D'Arcy and Denis B{\'e}rub{\'e} and Yves Brousseau and Guy Lapierre and Michel Vanasse},
  journal={Pediatric neurology},
  volume={38 3},
Data reported here were collected over an 8-year period for 79 Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients, 37 of whom were treated with deflazacort. Mean length of treatment was 66 months. Treated boys stopped walking at 11.5 +/- 1.9 years, compared with 9.6 +/- 1.4 years for untreated boys. Cardiac function was better preserved with the use of deflazacort, as shown by a normal shortening fraction in treated (30.8 +/- 4.5%) vs untreated boys (26.6 +/- 5.7%, P < 0.05), a higher ejection fraction (52.9… CONTINUE READING