Deflation Techniques for an Implicitly Re-started Arnoldi Iteration

  title={Deflation Techniques for an Implicitly Re-started Arnoldi Iteration},
  author={D. C. SORENSENzAbstract},
  • D. C. SORENSENzAbstract
  • Published 1996
A deeation procedure is introduced that is designed to improve the convergence of an implicitly restarted Arnoldi iteration for computing a few eigenvalues of a large matrix. As the iteration progresses the Ritz value approximations of the eigenvalues of A converge at diierent rates. A numerically stable scheme is introduced that implicitly deeates the converged approximations from the iteration. We present two forms of implicit deeation. The rst, a locking operation, decouples converged Ritz… CONTINUE READING

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