Definitive treatment of "malignant" polyps of the colon.

  title={Definitive treatment of "malignant" polyps of the colon.},
  author={William I. Wolff and Humiaki Shinya},
  journal={Annals of surgery},
  volume={182 4},
There has been an unremitting rise in incidence of colonic cancer in this country with no recent improvement in cure rate. As a result the evolution of colorectal cancer has been the focus of considerable attention with an enlarging body of evidence pointing to the common neoplastic polyp as a precursor to malignancy. "Neoplastic" polyps include "adenomatous polyps," "villous adenomas" and, lately recognized, "villo-glandular polyps." Experience with endoscopic removal of over 2,000 colonic… CONTINUE READING