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Definitions of disability in Europe: a comparative analysis

  title={Definitions of disability in Europe: a comparative analysis},
  author={Deborah Mabbett},
Rethinking the Work Capability Assessment.
This report is part of a wider three-year research project looking at how non-medical factors are tangled up in the real world of incapacity. The project has four strands of work: · international
Inclusion and Intellectual Disabilities: A Cross Cultural Review of Descriptions
The question of what themes, if any, exist in conceptualizing inclusion and intellectual disability across the peer-reviewed research of six countries is addressed.
Avoiding Psychiatric Disability Overdiagnosis, Part 1: General Disability and Occupational Disability—Going Beyond Medical Impairment Assessments
The difference between impairment assessment and disability assessment is defined, three common disability models are explored, and issues about psychiatric disability and its potential overdiagnosis are raised.
Postgraduate education and training of European physicians involved in insurance medical work
Harmonization of the postgraduate education and training program of the physicians involved in the insurance medical work in Europe is needed to set the basis for European standards in insurance medicine education and advocating for competence-based training.
A Review of the Multiple-Intelligence Domains of Physically Handicapped Individuals in Terms of Certain Demographic Attributes
The purpose of this study is to review the multiple intelligence domains of physically handicapped individuals with regard to certain variables. The population of the study consists of 40 physically
The reproducibility of psychiatric evaluations of work disability: two reliability and agreement studies
Evidence from non-randomised studies suggests that intensive training in functional evaluation may increase agreement on WC between experts, but fell short to reach stakeholders’ expectations.


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Etat de santé et insertion professionnelle des bénéficiaires du RMI
A cote des caracteristiques individuelles d’âge ou de diplome, l’insertion professionnelle influe fortement sur l’etat de sante des beneficiaires du RMI.
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