Definition von Schrankenzahlen in Triplex-ALGOL

  title={Definition von Schrankenzahlen in Triplex-ALGOL},
  author={Hans-Wilm Wippermann},
  • H. Wippermann
  • Published 1 June 1968
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Computing
ZusammenfassungDas Wesen der Triplex-Zahlen und die Notwendigkeit, sie in eine höhere Programmiersprache einzubetten, werden kurz erläutert. Durch Einfügung des Typstriplex in ALGOL 60 ergibt sich die SpracheTriplex-ALGOL. Die Syntax dieser Sprache wird angegeben und ihre Semantik beschrieben.SummaryThe nature of triplex numbers, and the necessity, to insert these into a high-level programming language, are outlined. The insertion of the typtriplex into ALGOL 60 leads to the languageTriplex… 


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An interval arithmetic is given which is an extension of that given in [1], which is one of the essential features of this new interval arithmetic, that in the case of interval functions the authors get the exact range of interval values.
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A complete defining description of the international algorithmic languageAlgol 60, a language suitable for expressing a large class of numerical processes in a form sufficiently concise for direct automatic translation into the language of programmed automatic computers is given.
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The main changes were: (1) verbal improvements and clarifications, many of which were kindly suggested by recipients of the original draft; (2) additional or altered language features, in particular the replacement of tree structures by records as proposed by the second author.
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The procedures RANGESUB, RANGEMPY, and RANGEDVD provide for the remaining fundamental operations in range ari thmetic, and real a, b, c, d, e, f is a non-local real procedure.
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This paper introduces a new programming model that affected the design of programming languages in the decades to come, and gives meaning to LISP through a meta-circular " defunctionalized " interpreter and discusses the implementation of LISp's runtime.
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  • Comm. ACM 4,
  • 1961