Definition of two new groups of atypical rotaviruses.

  title={Definition of two new groups of atypical rotaviruses.},
  author={S Pedley and Janice C. Bridger and D. Chasey and M. A. McCrae},
  journal={The Journal of general virology},
  volume={67 ( Pt 1)},
Comparative antigenic and nuclei acid analyses were carried out on two new atypical rotavirus isolates coming respectively from chickens (D/132) and pigs (E/DC-9). Indirect immunofluorescence showed that each virus carried different group antigens which were also distinct from those of previously described rotavirus groups. By genome profile analysis each virus had a pattern of genomic RNAs clearly distinct from those of the other rotavirus groups. Comparative terminal fingerprinting of… CONTINUE READING

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