Definition of terms and concepts applicable to clinical preventive medicine

  title={Definition of terms and concepts applicable to clinical preventive medicine},
  author={Joseph Stokes and Jay Noren and Sidney Shindell},
  journal={Journal of Community Health},
This article defines the terms and concepts applied to the teaching of clinical preventive medicine by the Curriculum Development Project—a joint venture of the Center for Educational Development in Health (CEDH) at Boston University and the Association of Teachers of Preventive Medicine Foundation (ATPMF). 
Health: redefined
This work provides an alternative, new, all-encompassing definition of health, each offering an alternative viewpoint from sociological, environmental, societal and economic standpoints.
Gender makes the difference: the influence of patients' gender on the delivery of preventive services in primary care in Poland.
Patients' gender and physicians' engagement may influence GPs' preventive attitude and performance and these elements should be incorporated in the development of guidelines concerning prevention in primary care.
Determinants of social inequalities in cardiovascular disease among Iranian patients
A large number of patients with known or suspected CVD problems are receiving treatment for atypical heart attack-like symptoms, and the once-in-a-lifetime operation to correct these problems is recommended.
Introduction to Public Health
This is the only survey of the US public health system to combine the perspectives of academicians and public health professionals and addresses careers in public health and the educational requirements and skills needed to attain them, including new accreditation and certification programs.
Proposal for Improved Translation and Meaning of "Public Health" in the Republic of Macedonia
Medical Faculty in Skopje should take leadership by introducing this change in the public health curriculum of the postgraduate studies by clarifying, change and standardize the use of this terminology in the Republic of Macedonia.
Understanding Population Health Terminology
  • D. Kindig
  • Medicine, Political Science
    The Milbank quarterly
  • 2007
This article defines and discusses many of the terms and concepts characterizing this emerging field of population health, and discusses its importance for public and private policymakers to improve the population's health and reduce disparities.
Prevención de las enfermedades en la práctica clínica. Avances recientes y perspectivas
Information on available preventive measures is disseminated to help physicians in the decision of which to use in the different client categories during daily practice to prevent disease.
Climate Change, Human Health, and Sustainable Development
The wellness model was developed through the WHO Health Promotion Initiative, which proposed moving away from viewing health as a state, toward a dynamic model that presented it as a process or force.


A general model for preventive intervention in clinical practice.
Competency in planning a practice-based program of prevention and the ability to assist patients in modifying patterns of behavior emerged as significant determinants of physician effectiveness in preventive intervention.
Foundations of Epidemiology
This introductory text gives an exceptionally clear and well organized account of epidemiologic concepts and methods, emphasizing the sequence of reasoning from different types of data that lead to
The definition and measurement of health and disease.
  • C. Wylie
  • Political Science, Medicine
    Public health reports
  • 1970
Health services administrators may have more difficulty than other administrators in using the guidelines of "management by objectives" because they lack a clear picture and good working definition of health.
Primer of epidemiology
The aim of this book is to provide a grounding in epidemiology for future researchers in the management of infectious disease and to inspire them to take a more active role in the public health.
Constitution of the World Health Organization.
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    American journal of public health and the nation's health
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Primer ofEpidemiology. (2nd Ed.)
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Definitions of Health and Illness in the Light of American Values and Social Structure. (2rid Ed.)
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