Definition of pH scales, standard reference values, measurement of pH and related terminology (Recommendations 1984)

  title={Definition of pH scales, standard reference values, measurement of pH and related terminology (Recommendations 1984)},
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Simplified biogeochemical numerical model to predict pore fluid chemistry and calcite precipitation during biocementation of soil
Microbially induced calcite precipitation (MICP) technique has gained attention recently as a novel method to enhance the engineering properties of soils, especially sandy soils. However, the
The electromagnetic response of human skin in the millimetre and submillimetre wave range.
The simulation and experimental results demonstrate that sweat ducts in the skin could indeed behave as low Q antennas, and has the potential to become the underlying principle for remote sensing of the physiological parameters and the mental state of the examined subject.
Electrical and Electrochemical Sensors Based on Carbon Nanotubes for the Monitoring of Chemicals in Water—A Review
Across 20 water monitoring analytes and 90 references, it is shown that carbon nanotube-based electrochemical sensors, chemistors and field-effect transistors (chemFET) can meet these needs of water quality monitoring.
Acid dissociation under hydrostatic pressure: Structural implications for volumetric parameters
Abstract Here, we evaluate the pressure dependencies of the acid dissociation constants (pKa) of pH indicator dyes and amino acids by spectroscopic methods, including chemometric-assisted direct and
Expansive Growth vs. pH Reflects a Poisson Point Process of Binding/Unbinding Events in Plant Cell Walls
The paramount role of $$\mathrm{pH}$$ pH and temperature $$\left(T\right)$$ T in the expansive growth of a plant coleoptile/hypocotyl non-meristematic zone or plant and fungal cells was
Formulation and Evaluation of Ficus Benghalensis Emulgel for its Anti- Rheumatoid Arthritis Effect
The current study focuses on the development and characterization of ficus benghalensis powdered aerial roots emulgel to avoid the first-pass effect and strengthen bioavailability while reducing
Low-Temperature Processed Metal Oxides and Ion-Exchanging Surfaces as pH Sensor
Precise pH measurement is crucial in the assessment of various physical, chemical, and biological processes. While the common glass electrode is known for its exceptional pH sensing performance, it
Machine Learning Modeling for IoUT Networks: Internet of Underwater Things


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