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Definition and incidence of apoptosis : A historical perspective

  title={Definition and incidence of apoptosis : A historical perspective},
  author={John F. R. Kerr},
PKR Signalling and Paradigms of Cardiometabolic Syndrome Running Title : PKR and Cardiometabolic disorders
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“Dark” (compacted) neurons may not die through the necrotic pathway
The removal pathway may depend on the environment and not on the death pathway, as assumed in the case of the “dark” neurons produced by hypoglycemic convulsions.
Activation of caspase-like proteases and induction of apoptosis by isopentenyladenosine in tobacco BY-2 cells
It is revealed that intracellular phosphorylation of iPA is required for its cytotoxicity to develop and might be critically implicated in iPA-induced apoptosis of BY-2 cells.
Suppression of apoptotic and necrotic cell death by poliovirus.
Electron microscopic observation revealed that the cells killed by the sodium chloride treatment had undergone liquefactive necrosis, indicating that PV-1 can inhibit both apoptosis and necrosis.
Role of virus-induced apoptosis in a host defense mechanism against virus infection.
It is shown that viruses can somehow overcome this defense mechanism and that virus multiplication in the apoptotic cells is not as completely suppressed as in the insect virus infection.
DAMD 1794-J-4401 TITLE : The p 53-Deficient Mouse as a Breast Cancer Model
The average growth rates of tumors missing or losing p53 are accelerated compared to tumors with both wild-type p53 alleles (p53+/with loss of heterozygosity) and this accelerated growth rate appears to be due primarily to increases in rates of tumor cell proliferation.
Role of Natural Compounds in Treating Lung Cancer through Apoptotic Pathway
This review provides general and effective information on the use of natural compounds such as green tea, flavonoids, genistein, etc. to prevent lung cancer progression and their role in the treatment of lung cancer.
Apoptosis Detection Methods in Diagnosis of Cancer and Their Potential Role in Treatment: Advantages and Disadvantages: a Review
Accurate diagnosis of cell apoptotic biopathways at different stages assists in evaluating near to exact apoptotic index, which is the perfect sign and indicator for metastasis and also prognosis, thus foreseeing treatment outcome.