Defining the molecular basis of Arf and Hdm2 interactions.

  title={Defining the molecular basis of Arf and Hdm2 interactions.},
  author={Brian Bothner and William S. Lewis and Enrico L. DiGiammarino and Jason D. Weber and Sarah Bothner and Richard W. Kriwacki},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={314 2},
Understanding the interaction of Arf and Hdm2 has recently become a central issue in cancer biology. In response to hyperproliferative signals, p14(Arf) stabilizes p53 by binding to Hdm2 and inhibits the ubiquitination and subsequent proteosome-dependent degradation of p53. The medical importance of the Arf-Hdm2-p53 regulatory system is highlighted by the finding that either p53 or p14(Arf) are lost or modified in virtually all human cancers. Isolated Arf and Hdm2 domains are dynamically… CONTINUE READING