Defining the City ‘Trumpeter’: German Civic Identity and the Employment of Brass Instrumentalists, c.1500

  title={Defining the City ‘Trumpeter’: German Civic Identity and the Employment of Brass Instrumentalists, c.1500},
  author={Helen Green},
  journal={Journal of the Royal Musical Association},
  pages={1 - 31}
  • Helen Green
  • Published 2011
  • History
  • Journal of the Royal Musical Association
This article examines the employment of brass instrumentalists in German cities around 1500, as a reflection of the political circumstances of the epoch, where rivalry between the distinct components of the social hierarchy encouraged the assertion of power and status through musical patronage. Archival records and contemporary chronicles provide invaluable insights into the performances of civic brass instrumentalists, whether in the provision of signals (by the city watchmen or those who… Expand
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Preface Instrumental music in German 1529 Instrumental music in German 1545 Appendices 1-27 Notes Index.
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