Defining relations of quantum symmetric pair coideal subalgebras

  title={Defining relations of quantum symmetric pair coideal subalgebras},
  author={Stefan Kolb and Milen Yakimov},
  journal={Forum of Mathematics, Sigma},
Abstract We explicitly determine the defining relations of all quantum symmetric pair coideal subalgebras of quantised enveloping algebras of Kac–Moody type. Our methods are based on star products on noncommutative ${\mathbb N}$-graded algebras. The resulting defining relations are expressed in terms of continuous q-Hermite polynomials and a new family of deformed Chebyshev polynomials. 
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Cartan subalgebras for quantum symmetric pair coideals
  • G. Letzter
  • Mathematics
    Representation Theory of the American Mathematical Society
  • 2019
There is renewed interest in the coideal subalgebras used to form quantum symmetric pairs because of recent discoveries showing that they play a fundamental role in the representation theory of