Defining early mycosis fungoides.

  title={Defining early mycosis fungoides.},
  author={Nicola Pimpinelli and Elise A. Olsen and Marco Santucci and Eric C. Vonderheid and Andreas C. H{\"a}ffner and Seth R. Stevens and Guenter Burg and Lorenzo Cerroni and Brigitte Dr{\'e}no and Earl J Glusac and J. Guitart and Peter W. Heald and W. Kempf and Robert Knobler and Stuart Lessin and Christian Sander and Bruce S Smoller and Gladys H. Telang and Sean Whittaker and K Iwatsuki and Erik Ren{\'e} Obitz and Masahiro Takigawa and Maria L Chanco Turner and Gary Stewart Wood},
  journal={Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology},
  volume={53 6},
This editorial review summarizes the results of 5 meetings sponsored by the International Society for Cutaneous Lymphoma at which the clinicopathologic and ancillary features of early mycosis fungoides were critically examined. Based on this analysis, an algorithm was developed for the diagnosis of early mycosis fungoides involving a holistic integration of clinical, histopathologic, immunopathologic, and molecular biological characteristics. A novel aspect of this algorithm is that it relies… CONTINUE READING
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