Defining Ourselves

  title={Defining Ourselves},
  author={Patricia Reid-Merritt},
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Naming Black Studies: Results From a Faculty Opinion Survey
The ongoing debate about nomenclature has been part of the discourse in Black Studies since the late 1960s, yet there remains no consensus on an ideal name. The existing literature ties specific name
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Temple University’s Department of Africology and African American Studies is celebrating its 30th year of operation as a PhD program. Since its inception in l988, the doctoral program at Temple has
Expanding the History of the Black Studies Movement: Some Prefatory Notes
With a beginning remarkably different than conventional academic disciplines, Black Studies emerged on the American college campus amidst Black Power protests and student demands. Now more than forty
Africana Studies: Post Black Studies Vagrancy in Academe
Maulana Karenga (2010: 425-429) in the Introduction to Black Studies informs us that critique and the corrective (problem solving) are indispensable to the mission and meaning of Black Studies. In