Defining Female Self Sexualization for the Twenty-First Century

  title={Defining Female Self Sexualization for the Twenty-First Century},
  author={Dooyoung Choi and Marilyn DeLong},
  journal={Sexuality \& Culture},
In Western society sex appeal has become greatly valued and young women actively and publically expose their sexualities in a variety of ways. Those women who embrace and participate in the hyper-sexualized cultural trend are called self-sexualizers. Despite the growing number of empirical studies related to self-sexualization, there is lack of consensus around a definition of self-sexualization among researchers. The concept of self-sexualization needs to be clarified and explained. The… 

Enjoyment of Sexualization in Men and Women: Relationships with Ambivalent Sexism and Body Image Coping Strategies

Enjoyment of sexualization (EoS) occurs when people find appearance-based sexual attention from others to be positive and rewarding. Scholars have not consistently established if enjoyment of being

The Drawback of Sexual Empowerment: Perceiving Women as Emancipated but Still as Sexual Objects

The belief that sexualization might be used as a source of power for women in Western societies is spreading (Anderson 2014 ; Erchull and Liss 2013 ). The present research aims at evaluating the

Internalization of sexualized female ideals and body shame

This study was designed to provide empirical evidence of the internalization of sexualized female ideals influenced by media and to examine the effect of the internalization on body shame. An online

Ad libidinem: Forms of female sexualisation in RoastMe humour

This article reports the findings of a qualitative and quantitative study of seemingly aggressive but inherently benevolent humorous jibes that involve the sexualisation of women in the RoastMe

Providing Sexual Companionship for Resources: Development, Validation, and Personality Correlates of the Acceptance of Sugar Relationships in Young Women and Men Scale (ASR-YWMS)

The results show that the Acceptance of Sugar Relationships in Young Women and Men Scale (ASR-YWMS) is a reliable and valid measure of young people’s attitude toward sugar relationships and suggest that a relatively high level of acceptance of sugar relationships is part of a mating strategy focused on opportunities of maximizing resources.

Female Self-Sexualization Covaries with Mate Value but Not Mate Availability

An array of literature spanning economics, sociology, biology, and psychology suggests that the availability of romantic partners has profound consequences for individuals and the societies in which

In the context of romantic attraction, beautification can increase assertiveness in women

Novel insight is provided into the effects of women’s appearance-enhancing behaviors on assertiveness by providing evidence that beautification may positively affect assertiveness in women under some circumstances.



Sexualizing the Self

Self-sexualization refers to intentionally engaging in activities expressly to appear more sexually appealing. The purpose of our studies was to examine gender similarities and differences in how

Sexual Object or Sexual Subject? Media Use, Self-Sexualization, and Sexual Agency Among Undergraduate Women

Objectification theorists argue that repeated exposure to sexually objectifying media content leads to higher levels of self-objectification. Although consequences of self-objectification for women’s

The Object of One’s Desire: How Perceived Sexual Empowerment Through Objectification is Related to Sexual Outcomes

There is a debate as to whether or not gaining a sense of sexual empowerment through being an object of sexual desire results in empowerment. This debate has been largely theoretical, but there are

Empowering or Oppressing? Development and Exploration of the Enjoyment of Sexualization Scale

There was little support for positive effects of enjoying sexualization, and women who both enjoyed sexualization and engaged in self-objectification reported more negative eating attitudes.

Perceptions of low agency and high sexual openness mediate the relationship between sexualization and sexual aggression.

The current work suggests that perceived agency and sexual openness may inform perpetrator decision-making and that cultural hypersexualization may facilitate sexual aggression.

Contributions of Diverse Media to Self-Sexualization among Undergraduate Women and Men

Although everyday exposure to media content that sexually objectifies women is believed to lead women to sexualize themselves, research testing this connection has produced mixed results. Most

Media and Sexualization: State of Empirical Research, 1995–2015

The findings provided consistent evidence that both laboratory exposure and regular, everyday exposure to this content are directly associated with a range of consequences, including higher levels of body dissatisfaction, greater self-objectification, greater support of sexist beliefs and of adversarial sexual beliefs, and greater tolerance of sexual violence toward women.

Empowered Sexual Objects? The Priming Influence of Self-Sexualization on Thoughts and Beliefs Related to Gender, Sex, and Power

This study investigated the effects of exposure to self-sexualization on young adults’ thoughts and beliefs about gender and sexuality. An experiment in which participants viewed music videos

Women's Intentions Regarding, and Acceptance of, Self-Sexualizing Behavior

No known research has examined women's acceptance of self-sexualizing behaviors, which includes the use of catwalks at dance clubs, taking pole dance classes, and wearing clothing with sexually

Sexualized, objectified, but not satisfied

Although the objectification of women is pervasive, it has not been studied extensively in the context of romantic relationships. This is a curious oversight, given that physical appearance is