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Definable Combinatorics of Some Borel Equivalence Relations

  title={Definable Combinatorics of Some Borel Equivalence Relations},
  author={William Chan and C. G. W. Meehan},
  journal={arXiv: Logic},
If $X$ is a set, $E$ is an equivalence relation on $X$, and $n \in \omega$, then define $$[X]^n_E = \{(x_0, ..., x_{n - 1}) \in {}^nX : (\forall i,j)(i \neq j \Rightarrow \neg(x_i \ E \ x_j))\}.$$ For $n \in \omega$, a set $X$ has the $n$-Jonsson property if and only if for every function $f : [X]^n_= \rightarrow X$, there exists some $Y \subseteq X$ with $X$ and $Y$ in bijection so that $f[[Y]^n_=] \neq X$. A set $X$ has the Jonsson property if and only for every function $f : (\bigcup_{n \in… 
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Let D = (X, D) be a Borel directed graph on a standard Borel space X and let χB(D) be its Borel chromatic number. If F0, …, Fn-1: X → X are Borel functions, let DF0, …, Fn-1 be the directed graph
Assume ZF+AD. The following two continuity results for functions on certain subsets of P(ω1) and P(ω2) will be shown: For every < ω1 and function Φ : [ω1] → ω1, there is a club C ⊆ ω1 and a ζ < so
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    Journal of Symbolic Logic
  • 2000
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