Deficits of position sense, unilateral neglect and optokinetic stimulation.

  title={Deficits of position sense, unilateral neglect and optokinetic stimulation.},
  author={Giuseppe Vallar and G. Antonucci and Cecilia Guariglia and Luigi Pizzamiglio},
  volume={31 11},
The effects of optokinetic stimulation on position sense disorders were investigated in a series of 30 patients with unilateral vascular lesions (10 right brain-damaged patients with visuospatial hemineglect, 10 right brain-damaged patients without visuo-spatial hemineglect, 10 left brain-damaged patients), and 10 control subjects. The position sense deficit was more severe in right brain-damaged patients with neglect, where both the contralateral and the ipsilateral arm were involved… CONTINUE READING

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