Deficient production of tyramine and octopamine in cases of depression

  title={Deficient production of tyramine and octopamine in cases of depression},
  author={M. Sandler and C. R. J. Ruthven and Beelee Goodwin and Gavin Paul Reynolds and V. A. Rama Rao and Alec J. Coppen},
THE cause or causes of depressive illness are unknown, although biochemical evidence points to a physical basis for the psychiatric and somatic features of the disease1. For nearly 20 years, the amine hypothesis2 has been the most favoured explanation and putative derangements of noradrenaline and/or 5-hydroxytryptamine economy have been invoked as the systems of primary disturbance. Careful scrutiny, however, has revealed major inconsistencies in this hypothesis3. Some of the strongest… CONTINUE READING