Deficiency of suppressor-inducer (CD4+CD45RA+) T cells in autism.

  title={Deficiency of suppressor-inducer (CD4+CD45RA+) T cells in autism.},
  author={Reed P. Warren and L J Yonk and Rebecca A. Burger and Phyllis Cole and J. Dennis Odell and William L. Warren and Eileen White and Vijendra K. Singh},
  journal={Immunological investigations},
  volume={19 3},
CD4+ cells are a heterogenous population of lymphocytes including at least two distinct subpopulations: CD45RA+ cells, inducers of suppressor T cells and CDw29+ cells, inducers of helper function for antibody production. To investigate the possibility that immune abnormalities in autism may involve abnormal distribution of these helper subpopulations… CONTINUE READING