Defibrination and systemic bleeding caused by an imported African snakebite.

  title={Defibrination and systemic bleeding caused by an imported African snakebite.},
  author={Philippe Hantson and David Verhelst and Xavier Wittebole and Abdul Wahed El Gariani and Elisabeth Goossens and Cedric Hermans},
  journal={European journal of emergency medicine : official journal of the European Society for Emergency Medicine},
  volume={10 4},
A 55-year-old man was referred from Burkina Fasso for coagulation disorders with severe spontaneous systemic bleeding. He had been bitten six days before by a snake that could not be definitely identified. No specific treatment had been started in Africa. The patient was admitted with severe anaemia, incoagulable blood with undetectable fibrinogen. Multiple haematomas in the chest and abdomen were found at computed tomography. Blood transfusions and the administration of fresh frozen plasma and… CONTINUE READING