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Defibering and specific energy consumption in bale pulpers

  title={Defibering and specific energy consumption in bale pulpers},
  author={Antti Savolainen and T. Jusila and Satu Nikula},
  • Antti Savolainen, T. Jusila, Satu Nikula
  • Published 1991
  • Engineering
  • In this paper, the defibering and the specific energy consumption (SEC) for bale pulping of old corrugated containers and supercalendered paper are studied. Experimental variables were pulper dimensions, rotor shape, process temperature, and pulp consistency. The extent of defibering was monitored by measuring Somerville shives, and SEC was determined for a range of pulping conditions. It was found that SEC is reduced by at least 50% when process temperature is increased from 20{degrees}C to 60… CONTINUE READING

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