Deferoxamine: a reversible S-phase inhibitor of human lymphocyte proliferation.

  title={Deferoxamine: a reversible S-phase inhibitor of human lymphocyte proliferation.},
  author={Howard M. Lederman and Amikam Cohen and Jae Woon Lee and Melvin H. Freedman and Erwin W. Gelfand},
  volume={64 3},
Deferoxamine is widely used therapeutically as a chelator of ferric ion in disorders of iron overload. This study demonstrates that this drug is a potent inhibitor of DNA synthesis by human B and T lymphocytes in vitro, but has relatively little effect on the synthesis of RNA and protein. The inhibitory effects of deferoxamine are completely reversible by washing or by adding stoichiometric amounts of Fe3+. Micromolar concentrations of deferoxamine decrease intracellular levels of… CONTINUE READING