Defending the Union: Andrew Jackson's Nullification Proclamation and American Federalism

  title={Defending the Union: Andrew Jackson's Nullification Proclamation and American Federalism},
  author={Matthew S. Brogdon},
  journal={The Review of Politics},
  pages={245 - 273}
Abstract This essay contends that we can better understand Andrew Jackson's distinctive account of federalism by looking outside the Jeffersonian and Jacksonian political traditions. More appropriate peers for Jackson, as a constitutional statesman, are John Marshall and Abraham Lincoln. Existing treatments of Jackson miss these connections because they focus primarily on his roles as party leader and reformer, to the neglect of his constitutional statesmanship. A major cause of this neglect is… 

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Donald Trump Yönetimi Politikalarının Tarihsel Açıdan Değerlendirilmesi: Andrew Jackson Dönemi ile Bir Karşılaştırma

  • Şener Çelik
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    SİYASAL: Journal of Political Sciences
  • 2020
Amerika Birlesik Devletleri’nin 45. Baskani Donald J. Trump, goreve geldigi tarihten bugune ic ve dis politikada muhafazakar/sag bir durus benimsemistir. Bu durus dogrultusunda, ulkedeki gocmen veya



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