Defendants' Characteristics of Attractiveness, Race, and Sex and Sentencing Decisions

  title={Defendants' Characteristics of Attractiveness, Race, and Sex and Sentencing Decisions},
  author={Andrea Desantts and Wesley A. Kayson},
  journal={Psychological Reports},
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This experiment examined several factors thought to be influential in jurors' decisions. Specifically, the attractiveness, race, and sex of the defendant were manipulated. It was hypothesized that for the same crime attractive defendants would be given lesser sentences than unattractive defendants, African-American defendants would be given more harsh sentences than Euro-American defendants, and female defendants would receive significantly lesser sentences than male defendants. A fictitious… 

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The findings on racial effects were consistent with in-group favorability bias among the Black participants and with attribution effects unrelated to race among the White participants.

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Mock jurors who did not deliberate were more likely to find the plain-looking defendant guilty, whereas mock jurors who deliberated were morelikely to finding the attractive defendant guilty.

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ABSTRACT Extralegal factors, including physical attractiveness, may bias juristic opinions. The present study provided 450 university students with hypothetical scenarios of physical, domestic, and



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Pictures of physically attractive or unattractive women, who were either young or old, were attached to case reports of either a swindle or a burglary, and attractiveness had no influence on the sentencing by the jury.

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Summary Because of the nature of the jurors used, the type of crime studied, and the means of selecting simulated jurors, previous research on the effects of defendant character or attractiveness on

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