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Defence of empirical evidence , reply to Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan

  title={Defence of empirical evidence , reply to Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan},
  author={Nitzan and P. Cockshott and A. Cottrell and A. Baeza},
1. That the empirical studies do not use labour time to estimate labour content but instead use monetary data from the input output tables. They claim that the evidence for the labour theory of value is thus an artefact of circular reasoning. Those of us who have published evidence for close correlations between labour values and prices are guilty of circular reasoning since we presume what we must show: that it is possible to work backwards from money to labour time. 


Dimensional analysis of price-value correspondence: a spurious case of spurious correlation
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The Fortress language speci  cation Dimensional analysis of price - value correspondence : a spurious case of spurious correlation
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