Defects in reproductive functions in PACAP-deficient female mice.

  title={Defects in reproductive functions in PACAP-deficient female mice.},
  author={Norihito Shintani and Wakaba Mori and Hitoshi Hashimoto and Masayuki Imai and Kazuhiro Tanaka and Shuhei Tomimoto and Megumi Hirose and Chihiro Kawaguchi and A. Ramesha Baba},
  journal={Regulatory peptides},
  volume={109 1-3},
Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) is a highly conserved neuropeptide and widely expressed in both brain and peripheral tissues, including several reproductive organs (e.g., testis and ovary). PACAP stimulates syntheses of several sexual hormones and steroids, suggesting it has possible roles in reproductive function. In this study, the role of PACAP in female reproductive functions such as fertility, mating behavior and maternal behaviors were investigated by using mice… CONTINUE READING
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