Defective kernel mutants of maize. I. Genetic and lethality studies.

  title={Defective kernel mutants of maize. I. Genetic and lethality studies.},
  author={M G Neuffer and William F. Sheridan},
  volume={95 4},
A planting of 3,919 M(1) kernels from normal ears crossed by EMS-treated pollen produced 3,461 M(1) plants and 3,172 selfed ears. These plants yielded 2,477 (72%) total heritable changes; the selfed ears yielded 2,457 (78%) recessive mutants, including 855 (27%) recessive kernel mutants and 8 (0.23%) viable dominant mutants. The ratio of recessive to dominant mutants was 201:1. The average mutation frequency for four known loci was three per 3,172 genomes analyzed. The estimated total number of… CONTINUE READING
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