Defect trigger model: Analysis method of mobile application defect


With the prosperity of the mobile network technology, the mobile application security flaw problem brought by the increasingly highlight. Android defects of traditional analysis 20 method only analysis is done in a single software. This plays a limited role on mobile intelligent terminal security. In order to solve this problem, this paper puts forward a mobile application oriented security vulnerability analysis and model building method, this method will first mobile application according to the function classification; Later, for each type of security vulnerability static code analysis method is used to collect the set safety defects; Then, in view of the security 25 vulnerability collection to attack, and then get trigger to each type of mobile application model. Trigger model can be pointed out that the current type application vulnerable to what kind of combination of the API.

DOI: 10.1109/CCIS.2016.7790227

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@article{Lei2016DefectTM, title={Defect trigger model: Analysis method of mobile application defect}, author={Dian Lei and Yang Liu and Chengze Li and Jieming Gu and Qi Li}, journal={2016 4th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems (CCIS)}, year={2016}, pages={72-76} }