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Deeper Into the Folksonomy Graph: FolkRank Adaptations and Extensions for Improved Tag Recommendations

  title={Deeper Into the Folksonomy Graph: FolkRank Adaptations and Extensions for Improved Tag Recommendations},
  author={Nikolas Landia and S. Doerfel and R. J{\"a}schke and S. S. Anand and A. Hotho and N. Griffiths},
  • Nikolas Landia, S. Doerfel, +3 authors N. Griffiths
  • Published 2013
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • The information contained in social tagging systems is often modelled as a graph of connections between users, items and tags. Recommendation algorithms such as FolkRank, have the potential to leverage complex relationships in the data, corresponding to multiple hops in the graph. We present an in-depth analysis and evaluation of graph models for social tagging data and propose novel adaptations and extensions of FolkRank to improve tag recommendations. We highlight implicit assumptions made by… CONTINUE READING


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