Deepening the Colonial State

  title={Deepening the Colonial State},
  author={Kristian Coates Ulrichsen},
During the course of the First World War a new form of colonial governance developed in response to the need to mobilise and extract local resources for the military effort. This involved a deeper penetration of local societies and a re-working of state-society relations in each region. It occurred as the civil and military authorities embedded themselves within existing local social organisation and interfered with indigenous structures and hierarchies of power. The nature and dynamics of this… 


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V. Mesopotamia in British War Aims, 1914–1918
  • V. Rothwell
  • History, Political Science
    The Historical Journal
  • 1970
An expeditionary force of the Indian Army landed in Turkish territory at the head of the Persian Gulf almost immediately upon the declaration of war by Britain against Turkey on 5 November 1914.
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