Deep-submicron MOSFET characteristics with 5 nm gate oxide

  title={Deep-submicron MOSFET characteristics with 5 nm gate oxide},
  author={T. Kobayashi and S. Horiguchi and K. Kiuchi},
  journal={1984 International Electron Devices Meeting},
0.1-10.0 µm channel MOSFETs and 0.3-1.7 µm channel E/E ring oscillators, both with 5 nm gate oxide, are fabricated using n-channel silicon gate technology with the EB direct writing technique to clarify their applicability to LSIs. The 0.28 µm channel MOSFET shows excellent long-channell behavior with high voltage gain in addition to high transconductance of 260 mS/mm and high drain breakdown voltage more than 5 V. The 0.3 µm channel ring oscillator shows a gate delay of 50 ps and small… Expand
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