Deep-sea submarine erosion by the Kuroshio Current in the Manila accretionary prism, offshore Southern Taiwan

  title={Deep-sea submarine erosion by the Kuroshio Current in the Manila accretionary prism, offshore Southern Taiwan},
  author={Prabodha Das and Andrew Tien‐Shun Lin and Min-Pen Chen and Elda Miramontes and Char‐Shine Liu and Neng-Wei Huang and Jennifer Kung and Shu‐Kun Hsu and Radha Krishna Pillutla and Kalyani Nayak},

Porosity and Compaction State at the Active Pāpaku Thrust Fault in the Frontal Accretionary Wedge of the North Hikurangi Margin

Characterization of the porosity evolution across the sedimentary section entering subduction zones and accreted sediments provide valuable information for understanding the deformation history at

Mapping Submarine Geomorphology of the Philippine and Mariana Trenches By an Automated Approach Using GMT Scripts

  • Polina Lemenkova
  • Geology
    Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B. Natural, Exact, and Applied Sciences.
  • 2022
Abstract This paper presents a geospatial analysis of two oceanic trenches using a GMT (Generic Mapping Tools) cartographic method that exploits the scripting approach to visualisation of their

Environmental variables affecting Sargassum distribution in the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea

  • Jisun ShinJang-Geun ChoiSo-Hyun KimB. KhimY. Jo
  • Environmental Science
    Frontiers in Marine Science
  • 2022
Floating Sargassum horneri has flowed into Jeju Island and the coast of the Korean Peninsula every year between February and May since 2015, causing considerable damage to aqua-farming sites and



The impact of internal waves on upper continental slopes: insights from the Mozambican margin (southwest Indian Ocean)

Evidences of sedimentation affected by oceanic circulation, such as nepheloid layers and contourites are often observed along continental slopes. However, the oceanographic processes controlling

Erosion of the submarine flanks of the Canary Islands

Surveying with multibeam echo sounders around old (»1 Ma) volcanic ocean islands reveals that their submarine flanks contain a strong downslope-oriented ridge-and-valley corrugation, which modifies

Submarine platform development by erosion of a Surtseyan cone at Capelinhos, Faial Island, Azores

Erosion of volcanic islands ultimately creates shallow banks and guyots, but the ways in which erosion proceeds to create them over time and how the coastline retreat rate relates to wave conditions,

Exhumation of serpentinized peridotite in the northern Manila subduction zone inferred from forward gravity modeling

The Taiwan Integrated Geodynamic Research program (TAIGER) collected two wide‐angle and reflection seismic transects across the northern Manila subduction zone that provide constraints on the seismic

Deep-sea Sediment Resuspension by Internal Solitary Waves in the Northern South China Sea

It is estimated that ISWs could induce and suspend 787 Mt/yr of sediment from shelf to deep-sea areas of the northern South China Sea and the total amount of sediment resuspended by shoaling ISWs was 2.7 times that of river-derived sediment reaching the northern North China Sea.