Deep divergence among mitochondrial lineages in African jackals

  title={Deep divergence among mitochondrial lineages in African jackals},
  author={Anagaw Atickem and N. Stenseth and M. Drouilly and S. Bock and C. Roos and D. Zinner},
  journal={Zoologica Scripta},
  pages={1 - 8}
  • Anagaw Atickem, N. Stenseth, +3 authors D. Zinner
  • Published 2018
  • Biology
  • Zoologica Scripta
  • Recently, molecular analyses revealed that African and Eurasian golden jackals are distinct species. This finding suggests re‐investigation of the phylogenetic relationships and taxonomy of other African members of the Canidae. Here, we provide a study on the phylogenetic relationship between populations of African jackals Lupulella mesomelas and L. adusta inferred from 962 bp of the mitochondrial cytochrome b (cytb) gene. As expected from its disjunct distribution, with one population in… CONTINUE READING
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