Deep brain stimulation therapy for a persistent vegetative state.

  title={Deep brain stimulation therapy for a persistent vegetative state.},
  author={Tatsuya Yamamoto and Yoichi Katayama and Hideki Oshima and Chikashi Fukaya and Toshio Kawamata and Takashi Tsubokawa},
  journal={Acta neurochirurgica. Supplement},
Twenty cases of a persistent vegetative state (PVS) caused by various kinds of brain damage were neurologically and electrophysiologically evaluated at 3 months after persistence of the PVS, and were treated by deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy. The stimulation sites were the mesencephalic reticular formation (2 cases) and CM-pf complex (18 cases). Seven of the patients emerged from the PVS, and became able to obey verbal commands. However, they remained in a bedridden state. These 7 cases… CONTINUE READING


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