Deep and Bottom Water of the Weddell Sea's Western Rim.

  title={Deep and Bottom Water of the Weddell Sea's Western Rim.},
  author={Arnold L. Gordon and Bernd A. Huber and H H Hellmer and A Ffield},
  volume={262 5130},
Oceanographic observations from the Ice Station Weddell 1 show that the western rim of the Weddell Gyre contributes to Weddell Sea Bottom Water. A thin (< 300 meters), highly oxygenated benthic layer is composed of a low-salinity type of bottom water overlying a high-salinity component. This complex layering disappears near 66 degrees S because of vertical mixing and further inflow from the continental margin. The bottom water flowing out of the western rim is a blend of the two types… CONTINUE READING

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