Deep Waters Run Still

  title={Deep Waters Run Still},
  author={T. B. Schwartz},
  journal={Annals of Internal Medicine},
The SchwartzesGen and meand a couple I will call the Wilsons have been friends for nearly a half century. I first came to know Don Wilson as a careful, highly competent general surgeon. Early on, I was put off by what I considered to be his pre-Baconian notions of what constitutes the scientific method, but regardless, we became good friends. Over the years, our friendship evolved into a comfortable intimacy, the more so as the ranks of our social circle became thinned by incapacity or death… Expand
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Life on the Receiving End: A Qualitative Analysis of Health Providers’ Illness Narratives
An explicit framework for understanding what it feels like to be a health care recipient and to explore how providers’ behaviors influence that experience is developed to enhance trainees’ and practitioners’ ability to understand and meet patients' and families’ psychosocial needs. Expand