Deep Semantic Links of TCSP and Object-Z: TCOZ Approach

  title={Deep Semantic Links of TCSP and Object-Z: TCOZ Approach},
  author={Brendan P. Mahony and J. Dong},
  journal={Formal Aspects of Computing},
  • Brendan P. Mahony, J. Dong
  • Published 2002
  • Computer Science
  • Formal Aspects of Computing
  • Abstract. Formal methods can be used in effective combination only if the semantic links between individual methods are clearly established. This paper discusses the semantic design of TCOZ, a language blended from Object-Z and TCSP. The semantic model adopted is the infinite timed failures model of TCSP, extended to include initial state and update events for modelling operations on internal state. An infinite trace model has been used so as to ensure proper account is taken of the potentially… CONTINUE READING
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